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At SaaSAssurance we are committed to ensuring the privacy of your information. The purpose of our privacy statement is to outline SaaSAssurance practice in handling confidential information which is very important to you. Please note that the contents of this privacy statement are subject to change and can be updated without notice from time to time.

Information that SaaSAssurance may collect

No attempt is ever made to identify visitors to our websites. We may collect some statistics of visitors to our site. However we do not attempt to gather or use any personal information.

As you browse through our web site, our web servers or external analytic servers may collect information about your visit, not about you personally. We may gather and monitor statistics such as:
Number of people who visit our site.
Time and date of visits.
Number of pages viewed.
Time spent on the site.
Identify popular sections of our site.

All information provided to us by you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality in accordance with all applicable legislative and regulatory standards. If you ever decide that you no longer wish us to keep or use information or you want the information to be revised or updated, please feel free to contact us. We will remove or amend the information as appropriate in accordance with applicable legislative and regulatory requirements. SaaSAssurance may use 3rd party or outsourced companies/services to aid in the collection of visitor data. This includes Google Analytics to collect visitor data and analyse traffic on our site. Please visit Google Analytics for their privacy policy.

The use of Cookies

A cookie is information that web sites store through the web browser on your client device that it can later retrieve when you log back on to the website. This means that the web site may remember your preferences.

How SaaSAssurance may use cookies.
To help your experience with using our website SaaSAssurance may use cookies to collect information about visitors use of the website, including things like the time and duration of visits. The information collected by cookies enables SaaSAssurance to understand the use of its site, including the number of visitors it has, the pages viewed per session. SaaSAssurance will not attempt to personally identify visitors from their IP addresses.

Cookies will not be used to contact you for marketing purposes other than by means of advertisements offered within SaaSAssurance website.
Cookies can be controlled and deleted. If you wish to restrict or block cookies, you can do this through your browser settings. The Help function within your browser should tell you how to do this. The website also contains information on how to do this on many different types of browsers.

Security of information

Our priority and goal is to protect any customer information.

It should be noted that internet email cannot be guaranteed to be secure and there are no guarantees that any email or its contents:

i) will be delivered at all

ii) actually comes from the "sender"

iii) has not been intercepted by a third party

iv) is unaltered from the time of transmission

SaaSAssurance does not and can not guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of any information passing over the Internet.

Disclosure of information

SaaSAssurance take the security of personal information very seriously. SaaSAssurance will not divulge personal information to a third party unless

i) We are explicitly told to do so by the owner of the information.

ii) We are required to do so by law.

Links to other sites

Some of the pages on this website contain hyperlinks to websites that are not maintained by SaaSAssurance. SaaSAssurance is not responsible in any way for the outcome of a person clicking on hyperlinks to other websites and please be advised that different terms and conditions of use will apply to you as a user of such websites. In addition such websites may not attain the same privacy standards as SaaSAssurance.