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Features of our product ...

The SaaSAssurance product contains several features that make G-Cloud accreditation a lot easier.
Make G-Cloud accreditation easy with a step by step approach


The certification or accreditation process can be daunting. Our product's step-by-step approach simplifies the whole process and takes away the pain.
Training media based on user stories

User stories

Our digital media will educate you on the requirements of achieving accreditation using real world user stories without jargon.
Cut G-Cloud jargon with plain english


The accreditation process is riddled with jargon. At SaaSAssurance we are proud that in our product we cut out the jargon and explain everything in plain English.
Risk assessment with threat and vulnerability library

Risk Assessment

The SaaSAssurance risk assessment module includes threat and vulnerability libraries and a control selection that are easy to use, reducing the time it takes to complete the risk assessment.
Cost effective ISO 27001 certification


Compliance to ISO 27001 is a giant step towards G-Cloud accreditation. Our product makes ISO 27001 achievable and painless for SMEs.
A lot more to make G-Cloud easy

And much more...

Our product contains several other features that take the pain out of G-Cloud accreditation. Contact us to find out more.
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